BitBull Investment Lending Pattern

You can invest BitBull coin in BitBull lending platform exclusive from BitBull Dashboard. The investment involves Profiting format BitBull trading bot and volatile Software. You will receive daily profit based on your investment option. On investment term completion, you will receive your CAPITAL BACK to take out from the BitBull lending platform or optionally re-invest back in the lending platform to continue receiving daily profit.

This is a very exciting & real alternatives or passive investors. All interest & capital can be re-invested back into the lending platform to gain much more profit.

BitBull lending services will be available after you purchase BitBull Coin from BitBull ICO with BTC or ETH first.

BitBull Lending Profit Interest

Lending Amount Interest (Accured Daily) Capital Black
$50 -$499 Volatility Software Interest Up to 45% per Month 270 Days
$500 - $999 Volatility Software Interest + 0.10% Daily Up to 45% per Month 240 Days
$1000- $1999 Volatility Software Interest + 0.20% Daily Up to 45% per Month 210 Days
$2000 - $4999 Volatility Software Intreset + 0.25% Daily Up to 45% per Month 150 Days

Remember : BitBull (BBLC} Volatile Software offer you a variable interest as per Bitcoin market Function

If you want to invest in BitBull lending, You have to buy BitBull Coin in the first place.

Buy BitBull coin from BitBull Exchange with Bitcoins first.