Staking Opportunity

Your BitBull Coin becomes an interest-bearing asset with Up to 100% return per year. This option is extremely suitable for those who are looking for stable investment items by holding coins in their BBLC wallet.

BitBull staking services will be available after you purchase BitBull Coin from BitBull ICO with BTC or ETH first.

Long-term investment, high interest
  • The Long-term vision of BBLC project helps to build a great ecosystem much more than other coins, which only facilitate pump and dump action.
  • Investors can terminate their coin staking at the end of term and send all coins with interest to the exchange platform or web wallet.
Stable investment
  • Staking is always an excellent source of smart passive income with an annual return of approx. 100%.
Low barriers, borderless investment
  • Anyone from anywhere can hold BBLC in his or her wallet to receive interest on the balance in return for helping maintain the security of the network

BitBull Staking Profit

Staking Duration Profit On Staking Time Period
1st 6 Months Up to 60% Approx 10% Monthly March 2018 to Aug 2018
2nd 6 Months Up to 42% Approx 7% Monthly Sep 2018 to Feb 2019
3rd 6 Months Up to 30% Approx 5% Monthly March 2019 to Aug 2019
4th 6 Months Up to 24% Approx 4% Monthly Sep 2019 to Feb 2020
5th 6 Months Up to 12% Approx 2% Monthly March 2012 to Sep 2020

Remember - Investors are required to hold BBLC for a minimum of 30 days before earning Staking interest. You will see PoS minting Block in your wallet after 30 days; the number of blocks you earn is based upon the number of coins you hold in the wallet software.